Solo Show
Berlin, Germany
21.05 – 18.06.2017

Special Thanks to Éric Emery, Ascanio Cecco, Louis Ziéglé, Christophe de Rohan Chabot, Alfredo Aceto

Louis Ziéglé
MMLXXX Exhibition poster

Press Release

Last Year at Marienbad
Trailer Voice-over
Text excerpt 

A large international hotel …
… immense and baroque …
… with sumptuous but frigid decor
A stranger wanders from hall to hall … 
… down endless corridors …
… in search of a woman
He tells her they met …
‘Last year …’
Try to remember,
… that they had a passionate love affair …
… that she herself set this rendezvous …
… and that he is going to take her away.
But she claims she does not know him.
Impossible, I tell you. I have never even been to Frederiksbad. 
He insists, but she protests even more.
What room? l have never been in any bedroom with you
You will not remember …
… because you are afraid
And you do not recognise this photo either?
The young woman cedes ground.
The stranger – serious, confident – gathers more and more proof.
Who is right? Who is lying?
Is he a mere seducer? A madman?
Or has he just confused two faces?
What really happened ‘last year’?
You, the viewer, must answer these questions.
Watch carefully:
… an object …
… a gesture …
… a decor …

#000fff (Natural Vision) (IFP)
Chroma key blue, wallpainting, #aaafff (existenz)
A/R 1.85

#aaafff (existenz)
acrylic, blackout fabric, unknown object
69 x 61 x 15 cm
Courtesy of the artist

Genkins (Fluo) (3x3)
acrylic, cotton–duck
220 x 185 x 15 cm
Courtesy of the artist

A Brief History of Curating
gouache, arches paper, cardboard
15 x 21 x 3 cm
Courtesy of the artist


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