Exhibition IVIaking
Making and organising exhibitions for others is essential in the lives of artists. Exhibition IVIaking outlines a collaborative approach to conceptualising and organising solo or group shows, successively as a part of the teams at Silicon IVIalley, DOC!

Francis Baudevin

Organized by DOC! Expositions

Paris, France

Photographs: Paul Nicoué
Graphic design: Baldinger·Vu-Huu
The Fifty Guitars, La Guitare Flamenco, Beginning the Folk Guitar, The Maginificent Portuguese Guitar Judy Guitar, The Exciting Premiere of the Braszilian Guitar Virtuoso, Gospel Guitar, Urban Guitar, Canto on Guitar, From the Gifted Guitar, Guitar from Ipanema, Flat Top Guitar, Erotic Guitars, Slide Guitar, Guitar for Lovers, Guitar Factory, Glittering Guitars, Spanish Guitar, Tuff Guitar, Contemporary Guitar Sampler, Jazz Guitar Ensemble, Guitar Monsters, Soft Guitars, 20th Century Guitar, Guitarist, Cool and Warm Guitar, Low Down Guitar, Guitar Undergroung, Glamorous Guitar, Quad Guitars, Roman Guitar, Classic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Phantom Guitar, Country Gospel Guitar Classics, Guitarras, King Guitar, Midnight Guitar, The Big Steel Guitar, The Passion Guitars, The Swingin’ Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, 50 Guitars, Guitar Illustrated, No Guitars, Guitar Speak, Guitar Greats, Land of a Thousand Guitars, The Guitar around the World, Guitar’s Greatest Hits, Guitar Magic, Dancing Guitars, Guitar Collection, Exotic Guitars, Twangy Guitars, Guitar Concerto, Duo Guitar, Guitar à Gogo, Guitar Johnny Guitarissimo, Wild Guitars, 20 Studies for Guitar, Guitar Thing, 12 String Guitar Rag, Galloping Guitars, Guitar Boogie, Guitar Espanol, Lonesome Steel Guitar Blues, Pancho’s Guitar, Guitar Tristesse, Bossa Guitar, Guitar Trio, The Guitar and Other Machines.

Rhys Chatham, Concert, 2017 14.01.2017
As part of Guitars by Francis Baudevin
Salle Galop 

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