At the Dawn of the XXIst Century...

Acrylic and pencil on cotton canvas
120 x 120 x 5 cm
Courtesy of the artist

‘At the dawn of the XXIst century, art was no passion. What was called “contemporary” was addiction.’

This contentious and seemingly exasperated statement was inscribed with a greasy pencil on a Post-it note, magnified six times its original size. The initial plan involved repurposing an old, unused, and unstretched canvas by affixing it to the main canvas, aiming to simulate the appearance of an actual sticky note. However, this attempt was visually unappealing.

Consequently, the blue square note, borrowing the same colour code of the #aaafff painting series (2014–2017), was directly painted onto the neon yellow canvas, still emulating a Post-it note attached to a bright cardboard folder. After the statement’s initial iteration, modifications were made to make it more ambiguous or ambivalent, revealing the edits and self-censored sections.


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